Wealth Management

We deliver customized investment management and financial planning services to  individuals, including, but not limited to, high-net-worth private investors. Below are some of our wealth management products:


  • Private Wealth Management Plus – This flexible product is designed to offer individuals who want their funds to be professionally managed and well diversified in accordance with an agreed policy statements aimed at earning very competitive returns on their investments. An investor will sign a fund management agreement to commence and consummate the investment process.In this agreement, a minimum performance benchmark will be agreed upon,based on factors such as the investing amount, risk tolerance level, macro-economic factors, tenure of the investment and investment objectives.This allows for greater transparency. It also gives the investor total control and leverage over their funds.


  • Income Support Plus–It is specifically designed for individuals who want to have multiple streams of income or persons,such as people on retirement or those temporarily unemployed, who require regular(monthly, quarterly, etc) income for their sustenance. Interest earned on the investment is spread and paid periodically after regular valuation of the investment.This well-structured product also requires that a fund management agreement is signed between the investor and the investment manager.In seeking the best interest  of the investor, the agreement will spell out, in details,  the minimum performance benchmark for the investment. This benchmark will among other things take into account the investing amount, risk tolerance level, macro-economic factors, frequency of withdrawals, tenure of the investment and investment objectives.