Except NIB, all 5 GAT banks now fully capitalised – BoG

September 24, 2019

With exception of the National Investment Bank (NIB), all banks operating in the country have now met the GH¢400million capitalisation as the banks under government’s bail-out plan have been helped with the needed funds, Governor of the central bank, Dr. Ernest Addison, has confirmed.

According to the Governor, four of the banks that were given government guarantee through the Ghana Amalgamated Trust (GAT) bond – ADB, OminiBSIC, UMB, and Prudential banks – have all been fully capitalised. But NIB is still undercapitalised as its liquidity challenges far exceed the GH¢400million minimum capital.

What this essentially means is that all 23 licenced banks in the country are now operating with the new minimum capital requirement with the exception of NIB, which Dr. Addison said needs more intervention.


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