Deposits of banks have increased after recapitalization – BoG

May 15, 2019

Following collapse of some struggling banks in the country leading to the recapitilisation by Bank of Ghana, customer confidence has soared, the Central Bank has observed.

Addressing a group of professionals at a roundtable discussion organised by Integrity Magazine, Head of Banking Supervision at the Bank of Ghana Osei Gyasi maintained that a number of new regulations and directories have been put in place which are fast producing the desired results.

He stated that in the area of depositing by customers, there have been a surge since confidence have grown in the banks operating after the recapitilisation process.

“…recent statistics indicate that loans have started growing, deposits of banks have also started picking up. What it means is that now people are now more confident. Looking at the balance sheet of banks they think that their deposits will be protected and what it means is that savings is also going up” Mr. Gyasi stated.

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