Why Choose Us?

With our adoption of international standards, best practice, and strict compliance with regulatory requirements, among others, we are best placed to assist you achieve your financial goals and objectives.Below are some of the reasons why we are a preferred investment manager and adviser:


Adoption of International Industry Standards and Best Practice

We strictly abide by industry standards and best practice, which among other things recommend an understanding of the investment goals, risks, constraints, and unique circumstances of all investors before recommending any investment product or strategy. For example, there is no need recommending an aggressive strategy to an investor who is strongly risk averse. We also comply with all applicable international financial reporting standards.


High Investment Returns

IGS invests your funds in high yielding but safe financial securities in accordance with agreed investment strategy. Our desire is to assist our clients better invest and grow their funds and retire happily with good pension benefits.


Safety of Funds

Your funds are very safe with IGS because of the following:

  • We are licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the National Pensions Regulatory Authority,
  • Comply with industry standards and best practice,
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements, and
  • We utilize very strong risk model, which ensures that a comprehensive risk analysis is performed before funds are invested and consistently ensure that invested funds are safe.

These and other measures ensure that funds are not excessively exposed to unnecessary risk.


Insurance Polices

We have in place insurance policies which secure the investments of our clients and our business from unforeseen and unlikely events resulting from the actions and inactions of our company and employees resulting in any loss, damage, or injury to our cherished clients. We are one of a few investment management companies in the country with these two policies.


Our People

Our advisers and analysts have the necessary license, experience and exposure to help our clients achieve their objectives.


Core Values

Our business is based on very strong core values: client focus, integrity, teamwork, and excellence. Our values determine who we are and are the basis for everything we do.


Accountability and Transparency

We run a very transparent business by making sure all relevant information is provided to our clients and prospects to ensure they take well-informed decisions. Our financial reports meet all applicable international financial reporting standards and our website provides extensive information.


Proven Track Record and Extensive Experience

We have, over the years, consistently provided excellent services to our cherished clients and shall continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Strong Business Fundamentals and Strategic Business Model

We run a client focused, efficient and sustainable business model with strong business fundamentals. To enable us achieve our objectives and create value for our clients, shareholders and society, we focus on eight strategic pillars (client focus, integrity, teamwork, excellence, employees, efficiency, and corporate social responsibility), which encompass all our core values. We always ensure that our financial performance and position, and cash flows are strong to enable us better serve our clients, grow a sustainable business, and take advantage of business opportunities.


Fund Management Capabilities

We utilize very efficient and effective portfolio management software to better manage your funds. Monthly portfolio updates will be provided to the Trustees of group funds whilst quarterly statements are provided to all clients.


Competitive Fees 

Our fees are all-inclusive, competitive, and very transparent because there are no hidden charges. The fees are typically set in one of three ways: flat rate, ad valorem, and performance-based.